Black. It’s the Every Color.

canter couture - friesian horse - bilderbettina

Is there anything better than the color black? I think not. Black is dark and moody and mysterious. Black fools you into thinking there is a lack of color, until you take a closer look and see the shades of black. Black makes other colors pop. Black is easy and edgy. Black can be glossy,…

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Gift Wrapping 101 with Nancy Redd & HuffPost Live

HuffPostLive Screenshot - Pic 3

You survived it.   You did all of your holiday shopping.  No more nightmares of forgetting someone on your list. Relief. You’re thinking, finally, I can sit down with that glass of wine & relax. But then….. Suddenly it hits you, now I have to wrap all of those gifts! Not to worry.  I have plenty…

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Breathe Easy

Breath Easy Barn  BLOG  2-12-15

Sometimes I don’t even know how stressed I am until I see something that makes me stop and breathe easy. This did it for me… Have an easy day! JL

Best Birthday Gift Ever!

BLOG 2-3-15 KK

On this day, a week after my actual birthday – otherwise known as ‘snowmageddon’ if you live on the east coast! – I decided to give myself the best birthday gift ever. I’m giving myself the gift of Canter Couture. Well, what is Canter Couture exactly? Canter Couture is my equestrian inspired lifestyle blog. This…

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