Best Birthday Gift Ever!

On this day, a week after my actual birthday – otherwise known as ‘snowmageddon’ if you live on the east coast! – I decided to give myself the best birthday gift ever.

I’m giving myself the gift of Canter Couture.

Well, what is Canter Couture exactly?

Canter Couture is my equestrian inspired lifestyle blog. This blog. And it’s starting with this very first post.

Here is where I talk about horses, fashion, home decor, food, entertaining, city life and farm life…..all mixed together.

Sounds like a crazy mix, right?

Well, let me show you what I mean.

This is what the Canter Couture lifestyle looks like…..

beige and black horse to print  10-13-13

BLOG 2-3-15 KK

BLOG 2-3-15 DD

heels down 1-2-13

BLOG 2-3-15 CC

gloves  8-17-13

BLOG 2-3-15 FF

my home  8-16-13

BLOG 2-3-15 JJ

glitter and denim  7-10-13

outdoor bliss  3-29-13

beige horse too print  10-13-13

BLOG 2-3-15 MM

BLOG 2-3-15 HH

BLOG 2-3-15 BB

tumblr_ln59f2VJYh1qlqoewo1_500.jpg sparkle chess pieces

BLOG 2-3-15 EE

BLOG 2-3-15 GG

BLOG 2-3-15 II

BLOG 2-3-15

BLOG 2-3-15 LL

NYC  7-14-14

BLOG 2-3-15 RR

BLOG 2-3-15 NN

BLOG 2-3-15 QQ

BLOG 2-3-15 OO

BLOG 2-3-15 PP

So, after all of that I say – Welcome to the Equestrian Life.

Welcome to Canter Couture.

…and, Happy Birthday to me!

jodi leigh SIGNATURE  3-31-14 CROPPED - SMALLER


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