Black. It’s the Every Color.

Is there anything better than the color black?

I think not.

Black is dark and moody and mysterious.

canter couture - friesian horse - bilderbettina

Black fools you into thinking there is a lack of color, until you take a closer look and see the shades of black.

canter couture - black living room - pinterest

Black makes other colors pop.

canter couture - black bathroom - rue magazine

Black is easy and edgy.

canter couture - vera wang 2014 - pinterest

Black can be glossy, sparkly and  bright.

canter couture - black kitchen - amber interiors

Black takes in light.  And gives out light.

canter couture - friesian horse - pinterest

Black can be matte, subdued and sophisticated.

canter couture - mandana dayani - pinterest

Black makes you want to fall into it’s depths.

canter couture - friesian horse - pinterest 3

I love black.   Do you?

Images:  Pinterest


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