Black. It’s the Every Color.

canter couture - friesian horse - bilderbettina

Is there anything better than the color black? I think not. Black is dark and moody and mysterious. Black fools you into thinking there is a lack of color, until you take a closer look and see the shades of black. Black makes other colors pop. Black is easy and edgy. Black can be glossy,…

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Gift Wrapping 101 with Nancy Redd & HuffPost Live

HuffPostLive Screenshot - Pic 3

You survived it.   You did all of your holiday shopping.  No more nightmares of forgetting someone on your list. Relief. You’re thinking, finally, I can sit down with that glass of wine & relax. But then….. Suddenly it hits you, now I have to wrap all of those gifts! Not to worry.  I have plenty…

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