Gift Wrapping 101 with Nancy Redd & HuffPost Live

You survived it.   You did all of your holiday shopping.  No more nightmares of forgetting someone on your list.


You’re thinking, finally, I can sit down with that glass of wine & relax.

But then…..

Suddenly it hits you, now I have to wrap all of those gifts!

Not to worry.  I have plenty of tips and inspiration for you.

In fact, I sat down with Nancy Redd at HuffPost Live to chat all about gift wrapping.

HuffPost Live – Nancy Redd & Jodi Riddick – Gift Wrapping

HuffPostLive Screenshot - Pic 3

And if you need some more ideas and inspiration, try adding these to your gift wrapping mix:

  1. Ornaments, Sleigh bells, Candy Canes
  2. Flowers (I love using fresh roses)
  3. Dog treats or biscuits (for the dog owner)
  4. Horse shoe (for the horse rider or owner)
  5. Small cars, trains or stuffed animals (for kids)
  6. Chocolate, homemade cookies or cookie cutters (for the cook or foodie)
  7. Balloons (I love adding these to gift bags)
  8. Favorite quote (for the writer)
  9. Key chains (I can’t resist the ones with fur or tassels)
  10. Pine cones (used naturally or with spray paint or glitter)

If you are looking for a special name tag, print out an Instagram photo and use that as a name tag.

And, for a little extra sparkle under the tree, you can wrap an empty box and wrap it with Christmas lights.  Sit it under the tree, near an outlet, and you’ve got Christmas gift sparkle, all day & night long.



Pink Gift 6

Feather Gift  5

Gifts 8



Christmas Train 2

Candy Cane 3



Remember, the holidays are about family, friends, food & fun.

And gift wrapping can be part of that fun.

There’s no wrong way to do it.

Just make it your own.


Gifts Under Tree 1


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